Ornamental Pruning

Welcome to Westside Tree Company, your trusted provider of ornamental pruning services in Beaverton, Oregon. If you have ornamental trees on your property, we understand the importance of maintaining their beauty, health, and shape. Our skilled team of arborists specializes in ornamental pruning techniques to keep your trees in great shape, literally. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while ensuring the longevity and vitality of your ornamental trees. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive ornamental pruning services and why we are the preferred choice for residents and businesses in Beaverton.

Why Ornamental Pruning Matters

Ornamental trees are prized for their beauty and contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Ornamental pruning plays a crucial role in maintaining the health, shape, and visual appeal of these trees. Pruning ornamental trees helps promote healthy growth patterns, enhances their natural form, and removes any damaged, diseased, or overgrown branches. At Westside Tree Company, we understand the significance of ornamental pruning and offer professional services to ensure your trees remain beautiful focal points in your landscape. Our Approach: Enhancing Beauty and Promoting Health.

When it comes to ornamental pruning, Westside Tree Company adopts a meticulous approach that focuses on enhancing the beauty and promoting the health of your trees:

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Our skilled arborists are well-versed in the art of ornamental pruning. We carefully assess the unique characteristics of each tree and work with you to understand your desired aesthetic goals. By employing selective pruning techniques, we can accentuate the natural beauty of your ornamental trees, creating visually appealing shapes, maintaining balanced canopies, and highlighting their unique features. 
  • Health and Vitality: Ornamental pruning is not just about aesthetics; it is also crucial for the overall health and vitality of your trees. Our experts conduct thorough evaluations to identify any diseased, damaged, or weak branches. By selectively removing these problematic branches, we improve the tree’s health, prevent the spread of diseases, and reduce the risk of branch failure. Our pruning techniques also enhance air circulation and light penetration, promoting healthy growth and reducing the likelihood of pest infestations. 

Comprehensive Ornamental Pruning Services

At Westside Tree Company, we offer comprehensive ornamental pruning services tailored to the unique needs of your trees. Our experienced arborists utilize industry-standard techniques and employ specialized equipment to perform precise and delicate pruning, delivering exceptional results. Our services include: 

  1. Crown Shaping: Our skilled arborists meticulously shape the crown of your ornamental trees to enhance their natural form and create visually appealing silhouettes. By selectively removing overgrown, crossing, or interfering branches, we establish a harmonious and balanced canopy that adds elegance and beauty to your landscape. 
  2. Deadwood Removal: Deadwood not only detracts from the aesthetic appeal of your ornamental trees but also poses potential risks. Our experts carefully identify and remove dead branches, enhancing the tree’s overall appearance while reducing the chances of falling branches and related hazards.
  3. Thinning and Canopy Reduction: Thinning involves the selective removal of specific branches within the canopy to promote better air circulation, light penetration, and overall tree health. Canopy reduction is employed when the tree has grown too large for its intended space. Our skilled arborists skillfully reduce the size of the tree’s canopy while maintaining its natural shape and health. 
  4. **Structural Integrity Enhancement**: Ornamental trees often require structural support to maintain their integrity and prevent damage. Our arborists assess the tree’s structure and employ techniques such as cabling and bracing to provide support to weak or vulnerable branches. This helps prevent breakage and ensures the long-term health and safety of your ornamental trees. 
  5. Disease and Pest Management: Our team is well-versed in identifying common diseases and pests that affect ornamental trees in the Beaverton area. Through regular inspections during the pruning process, we can detect early signs of diseases or pest infestations. If any issues are found, we provide appropriate treatments and take preventive measures to protect your trees from further damage.